POP UP BLOW UP: Urban Commons in Berlin


bi’bak (Berlin) and Herkes İçin Mimarlık – Architecture for All (İstanbul) is calling students for the workshop “POP UP / BLOW UP – Urban Commons in Berlin” during 01-11 November in Berlin funded by Deutsch-Türkische Jugendbrücke. The workshop project POP UP / BLOW UP – Urban Commons in Berlin is dedicated to urban and architectural practices for the reconquest of public urban space focus on urban commons, temporary structures, temporality, and daily practices through the cultural and non-commercial scene. The networking of 20 young people from Turkey and Germany will explore the possibilities of active citizenship through architectural strategies. During the last years, cities are in trouble with the real estate developments, gentrification progresses. This situation occupies the common spaces, public areas. It also affects daily life and practices. Open areas getting more commercialized day by day. The workshop aims to find a way what kind of strategies are using to reclaim the city? What is the temporality of the public interventions and how to sustain them?

The ten-day workshop is divided into two sections: In the first part participants will visit places in Berlin and initiate discussions with groups and collectives concerned with alternative architecture and urban practices. The second part will include a design workshop for a pop-up cinema at bi’bak.

The workshop is open for Istanbul and Berlin based undergraduate and graduate students of architecture, design, urban design & planning but it is not limited to these fields. If you think your practice, education and background is related to the workshop topic, you are welcome to apply. The deadline to apply is Sunday September 31st, 2018 by 11:59 pm (GMT+3). Late applications will not be considered. Please find the application form here.

Participants from Turkey will be provided with a return flight ticket to Berlin from Istanbul and accommodation expenses. Breakfast/lunch, public transport and entrance to museums expenses of all participants will be compensated by the organizations affiliated with the project.