Herkes İçin Mimarlık Derneği – HiM (Architecture for All Association), (2011, İstanbul); is a platform where student volunteers and professionals can come together and bring social problems encountered in the country and the world in a creative way to the agenda, raise awareness about these problems and act to produce solutions from the fields of architecture and design.

In urban and rural areas, it wants to contribute the formation of an architecture field, which works for and with society, by encouraging participatory mechanisms that are lacking in the design, planning and construction processes of the projects.

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20 September, Friday
  • Chicago Mimarlık Bienali

     10 September, Tuesday - 23 September, Monday   

11 October, Friday
  • Topla Tamamla Tasarla Atölyesi

     11 October, Friday - 14 October, Monday   

      İzmir, Türkiye