1 Teacher 1 Discipline *Architect Workshop #2


For whom: Teachers and university students
With whom: Öğretmen Ağı
When: 2018

Herkes için Mimarlık and Öğretmen Ağı (Teacher Network) held workshops together, 1 Teacher 1 Discipline *Architect started in 2017 and followed by the second on 3 March 2018 in SALT Galata. Öğretmen Ağı employees and teachers Hülya Akan, Şirin Giyik and Züleyha Birinci together with teachers from different branches, students and architects from came together in a one day planned workshop, different from the previous one.

After discussing the questions at the development meetings such as “What does the architect do?”, “What does the teacher do?” And “What is the place?”; we decided to make a discussion and production design that focusing directly on educational spaces. Before the workshop, to form a basic idea about the workshop, we asked participants to send photographs of their environment, that they thought they could discuss and talk about.

Workshop was attended by 22 people. In the beginning, the workshop started with a performative exercise that was intended to give an idea on the formation of the space by movements such as positioning, displacement. After the introduction of everyone’s name and the place where they worked, a brief presentation was made about the Öğretmen Ağı. Following that, we discussed the answers of the participants’ ideas about; what architects and teachers do, how these two disciplines come close with their own fields of interest and concept of space. Workshop went on with the discussion of the photos and a brief representation of architecture and space. In this interactive discussion session; topics like user-space relationship, transformation of space with minor-major interventions, participatory design methods, dwelling spaces, playgrounds, commercial spaces and education spaces were discussed.

In the final part of the workshop we asked participants to create a design of their education space based on their physical or conceptual ideas. Participants created a physical model, using cardboard, cotton, garbage, rope and collage materials as 5 seperate groups. After the productions, we completed the workshop with the discussing each groups’ models.

We left behind a pleasant work in which ideas were shared with productive discussions and productions as if it were in the past year. We would like to thank Öğretmen Ağı, teachers Hülya Akan, Şirin Giyik, Züleyha Birinci and all participants for the workshop we organized together.

Here you can find the photo album of the workshop.

Workshop Instructors: Emre Gündoğdu, Sarper Takkeci


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