For whom: University students
With whom: ITU Architecture Club
When: 2013

‘Autopsy’ workshop was held on March 2, 2013 at Istanbul Technical University Taşkışla Campus as a part of “SET:3 Shell” Workshop Week organized by ITU Architecture Club. Sixteen students from different universities took part in the workshop where Bilge Kobaş, Samim Magriso and Sarper Takkeci from HiM initiated the project.

There are lots of construction sites and buildings with secured doors and walls in our near environment which doesn’t contribute to the city at all. The workshop aimed to produce provocative discourses via participants imaginations in order to pierce the shell of the architecture and to reverse it.

Within the scope of the workshop, 4 different buildings / construction sites were selected in the vicinity of Taksim, which were closed to the public. These buildings were Süzer Plaza, pedestrianization project building site, ITU Machinery Faculty Research Building and Atatürk Cultural Center building site. In the first stage, shell analysis of the structures were made and fictional scenarios were produced. While the necessary documentation was made for the exploration trip of the selected structures, possible scenarios were discussed. In the second stage, participants visualised their scenarios with different techniques.