Çaka One Day Workshop

Abandoned Rural Schools

For whom: Çaka Village, Ordu / Perşembe
With whom: University students
When: 2012

‘Çaka-One Day’ workshop was carried out with 25 participants on 29 September 2012 in SALT Galata building for Atıl Rural Schools Çaka Project. Architecture For All carried out a participatory design process for the workshop and with Çaka – One Day workshop HIM introduced to new participants the design meetings that were held after Çaka Workshop.

The data collected till that day was distributed to groups and for the study, production of ideas about functional and structural design were expected at the end of the day. 25 participants worked in 5 groups. Participants who have participated to Çaka Workshop got involved in the study as team leaders. The products obtained at the end of the day were presented by groups and evaluated by a discussion with participation of architects Boğaçhan Dündaralp, Berna Dündaralp and Yılmaz Değer.

At the end of the workshop which is carried out in one day, a jury evaluation is done. Boğaçhan Dündaralp indicated that various activities which is going to be hold will make the project an open process and it will also increase local participation. While Berna Dündaralp was emphasizing the importance of the relationship which will be established with Directorate of National Education having the constructions and was indicating that more time should be spent in the region, Yılmaz Değer emphasized that adoption of the project by people living in Çaka is important for the future of the project.

In the workshop where participants from ITU, METU, Dokuz Eylül, Maltepe, Yeditepe and Kocaeli Universities got involved, ideas emerged were predicting that education and sport establishments of the region may include local agriculture, fishing and touristic functions. Groups agreed on removal of the roof which was structurally deficient, their approaches were not being limited only with buildings, using also the area between the buildings for the integration with the beach.

Here you can find the photo album of the workshop. And here you can find our final design proposal for Çaka.