Disobedience Archive (Park)


Where: SALT Beyoğlu
With whom: Disobedience Archive
When: 2014

SALT Beyoğlu hosts Disobedience Archive (The Park), curated by Marco Scotini and Andris Brinkmanis, which involves local disobedience acts, social movements and art practices. Having Disobedience Archive exhibited in different foundations in the world, each exhibition preserved to be in a state of transform and process and had met the new audiences with a new design aspect. We had designed the exhibition with a similar approach as Herkes İçin Mimarlık(Architecture for All), between 22th of April and 15th of June 2014. While thinking upon exhibition, instead of a direct reference of “Park”, we rather aimed to grow a specific narrative between the tension of the notions ‘individualism’ and ‘collectivism’.

In exhibition, “home” points out to the changing context of the protest, revolt and  resistance with the individualisation of the society today. On the other hand, on micro scale, capitalist space is highly under pressure of constant publicity of the media and communication channels in order to transform the ‘house’ that is temporary and consumption culture into the absolute monarchy. All objects are disposable; no object is being reused any longer, or being fixed by the owner.

Scotini’s project shows the significance of collectivism. Through documenting and archiving, it describes a self-positioning against the capitalist space and consumption culture. For this very reason, presenting the idea of an exhibition that is both particular to archive and general process, emphasizing collectivism’s power gains importance.

In other respects, Herkes İçin Mimarlık (Architecture for All) had been trying to put forward the user-design processes and had been adopting a collective way of thinking in their acts, since the beginning. HiM uses its energy of Disobedience Archive [exhibition] in SALT Beyoğlu to search convincingly for a design concept that focuses on individualism, collectivism, and in other words, the dual nature of home and urban space.

As HiM, we predicted that the best way to express this conflict is through recycling and connect the acts of constant consumption. We proposed a suggestion that aims to transform the existing furniture to reuse and to a fresh exhibition out of the idle pieces, almost in a manner of excavation, in SALT inventory. We chose soft surfaces and pieces in order to have a comfortable “home” environment and to be able to have a watchable archive as a conscience act.

Project Lead: Alican İnal, Cansu Cürgen, Cenk Dereli, Emre Gündoğdu, Merve Gül Özokcu, Sarper Takkeci, Yelta Köm