Escape! Create a Place for Yourself


For whom: High school students
With whom: SALT Interpretation and 2nd Istanbul Design Biennale
When: 2014

As a part of 2nd Istanbul Design Biennale, “Escape! Create a Place for Yourself!” workshop was organized together with SALT Interpretation in SALT Galata on November,28 2014.

The participants, 20 students from Yeni Levent High School, were informed about the work “#occupygezi architecture” of HiM, which is exhibited in Galata Greek Primary School as a part of the biennale. Subjects like “emergency architecture” and “architecture without architects” were discussed together. In the workshop students were expected to create personal living spaces and combine them together according to a scenario. The scenario was about a group of people who were running away and hiding in a park. In the first stage, 3 different groups started to design their living spaces on 3 trees representing the park. Later they were asked to relate their living spaces to common spaces on the trees. At the last stage of the workshop, the trees were gathered together in order to combine them.

Students questioned the public space by producing living spaces for themselves with the help of others and also experienced a collective work with a tactile thinking process. We thank all the participants for their enthusiasm.

Workshop coordinators: Alican İnal, Merve Gül Özokçu, Oğulcan Öztunç and Yağmur Kutlar


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