For whom: Becoming Architect
With whom: High school students
When: 2012

“Becoming Architect” is a project led by Nihal Arlat that aims to orientiate last year high school students about the world of architecture, hence providing them to use free-will when choosing what to study. During the day-long workshop, students found a chance to work with architects side-by-side, while also meeting other architecture students to exchange their experiences. In this workshop high school students were able to experience architecture and ask questions, guiding them to decide whether or not to study architecture, instead of being a victim of hearsays about architecture.

During this event, Emre, Samim and Hayrettin represented HIM with the “Genetically Modified Spaces” workshop. During the first part of the workshop participants designed mutated animals by a speed-thinking exercise. In the second part, they imagined a scenario of the potential habitat of these animals, finalizing with a short animation.

Here you can find the photo album of the workshop.

Project Lead: Emre Gündoğdu, Samim Magriso, Hayrettin Günç