Invisible | 5th Year Meetings


With whom: Studio-X Istanbul
When: 2017

Within the scope of our 5th year events “Invisible”, we realized a meeting series hosted by Studio-X Istanbul during January-April. It included five meetings involving speakers from architecture, sociology and civil society. The meetings, where we discussed mainly the production and labour processes, were formed in two parts as invited speaker presentations followed by question-answer and idea-sharing.

On January 21th, we realized the start-meeting “Labour” with the contribution of architectural historian Prof.Dr. Bülent Tanju, in order to discuss subjects such as “What is labour?”,” What can labour be?”, “The invisibility of labour”, “The difference between work and labour”, “Intersection of labour and collectivity”.

On February 7th, the second meeting “Collective” was contributed by sociologist Assoc.Prof.Dr. Begüm Özden Fırat and architect Asst.Prof.Dr. Senem Doyduk. While Fırat approached the subject from a conceptual side and developed it with examples, Doyduk evaluated it as a member of Mimar Meclisi (Assembly of Architects).

On March 7th, the third meeting “Volunteering” was contributed by academician Alper Akyüz and civil society activist Mehmet Alper Şentürk. They discussed voluntary labour, motivation, efficiency and economics conceptually and also with examples from field.

On March 30th, in the fourth meeting “The Next Day’s Labour”, sociologist and art historian Pelin Tan and architect Hayriye Sözen made a presentation on labor and work in architecture.

On April 11th, the last meeting “Don’t Overlook” was realized with a group of speakers including sociologists and academicians. Bahtiyar Mermertaş, Dijan Özkurt, Egemen Yılgür, Elif Demirkaya, Murat Arpacı, Serhat Arslan and Sibel Yardımcı discussed the reproduction and resignification of space giving examples from cinema and different places of Turkey.

You can reach blog posts and voice recordings of the meetings from the following links:




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