Kabakdağ Village Square


For whom: Ordu Fatsa Kabakdağ Village
With whom: ÇEKÜL
When: 2012

Fatsa, Kabakdağ is a village where ecological tourism has been focused since the beginning of 2000’s. There are over 100 examples of civil architecture in the village, built from local materials like stone and wood, founded by the locals  migrated from Georgia after the Battle of 93 in the 19th century.

The Governorship of Ordu and ÇEKÜL Foundation agreed upon to develop the touristic activities and as a result of this partnership a project for the arrangement of the village plaza was discussed. The project was to arrange the plaza, which is surrounded by a mosque, cemetery, housing unit, small power plant and civilian houses, to become a focal point for the visitors of the village. According to this idea, Herkes İçin Mimarlık collaborated with ÇEKÜL Foundation for developing a project for Kabakdağ Square, between November 2012 – January 2013.

The design approach of the project has developed around the intersection of a monumental tree, a monument describing the history of the village, and the axis that contains the historic tombs of the founders of the village. The plaza surrounding these elements, was shaped by giving reference to its circular use in the past. There are also service units such as fountains and coffee shops in the square where you can host various cultural tourism events at desired times. In the project, local stone and wood materials were used and tried to interpret the texture of the village with a contemporary approach in accordance with the determined needs.

Project Team: Cenk Hasan Dereli, Okan Aydoğu, Elif Tan, Hayrettin Günç, Emre Gündoğdu, Alican İnal, Tuğba Kılınç, Sarper Takkeci