Landscape Work I

Meraklı Kedi Elementary School

For whom: Ankara BBOM Meraklı Kedi Elementary School
With whom: Students, parents and teachers of Meraklı Kedi Elementary School, volunteers and university students
When: 2015

Between 1-3 May, 2015 we were at the landscape workshop in BBOM Ankara Co-op Meraklı Kedi Elementary School with the members of the cooperative and the volunteers. Applicational decisions, which were already made in the design workshop, were realized in the application workshop together with parents and university students.

One of the working groups worked on the wall adjacent to the broken asphalt area of the garden. First of all, wooden planks were screwed to the wall facing the garden with 60cm intervals and longer than the height of the wall. Later, the wooden planks were woven with thin branches and reeds gathering around the top of the wall. In this respect both the wall was raised and a semi-permeable surface was obtained from the outside and from the inside. Then, additional wooden surfaces were added to provide a surface for teachers and students to use as their open space lessons later on with their additions.

Another working group conducted the handicap ramp linking the upper garden to the lower garden and leveled the in between area with car tires and soil. Asphalt debris removed from the lower garden was used as filler in this area. The soil added to the tire-leveled area is tightened with gravel and wood chips. Ground cover plants were planted in the soil areas. The added wooden climbing pallet and the slide transformed the level difference into a fun playground for kids.

Asphalt was removed in the designated areas in the lower garden and planting areas were formed. The inside of a large truck tire is covered with wood and membrane in order to transform into a sand pool. During the workshop we worked in different weather conditions. Thanks to these variations, all the designs were tested by children in different weather conditions.

We would like to thank the children, all the participants who participated in the design and application phase and BBOM Ankara Team, who welcomed us so nicely and worked very hard during the workshop.

Here you can find the photo album from workshops.

Project Team: Aybike Zengin, Emre Gündoğdu, Merve Gül Özokcu, Yağmur Kutlar, Yuvacan Atmaca


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