Mesudiye Landscape Workshop

Abandoned Rural Schools

For whom: Muğla Datça Mesudiye Village
With whom: Mesudiye residents and university students
When: 2015
Blog: https://mesudiye.tumblr.com

On August 8-13, 2015, we carried out a landscape workshop in the village of Mesudiye in Datça with 5 HiM members, thirteen university students, villagers, and volunteers who were involved. Although the workshop was named with a landscape emphasis, it included both the continuation of the previous design workshop and the preparatory work on the school building as well as the open space design as a precursor to future implementations.

We worked in groups as alternating teams for simultaneous advancement of applications. Tires, pallets, etc. collected from the village with an announcement we made before, are used to experiment to create seating units and tables to be used in the school garden. At the same time, we created a connecting element for the one and a half meter height difference that divides the garden into two. The old stone school nearby, which has a longer history than the converted school, with one-room, no roof and no chimneys is also dealt within the workshop. It is cleaned and organized to create an open-air usage. For the school building; wall and foundation opening for crack detection, inspection of repairable gates, windows, floor and ceiling furnishings, roof structure, quantity surveying, and painting of the front facade is completed.

The participants resided at the camp, established at the garden of the school building, aimed to experience a collective life and production. The meals are prepared by the participants and also brought by the villagers and eaten together at the tables made of the old ping-pong tables in the garden. During the workshop, many tools were borrowed from the villagers. Some villagers, who were informed about the workshop also supported by participation and/or donations.

In the last evening of the workshop, the participants came together with the villagers to discuss the productions and future progress of the project. Workshop has had the priority to make the abandoned school visible and search  for ways to provide resources throughout the project. The ideas emerged from this discussion were similar to those objectives and it created a hopeful projection for the future of the project.

We would like to thank all Mesudiye village, Marshall Boya and Gülnaz Güzeloğlu for their support during the workshop, welcoming us warmly and contributing materially and spiritually.

Here you can find the photo album of the project.

Participants: Anıl Tuhanioğlu, Ayça Akan, Cansu Flamenco, Ekin Gunes, Emre Gündoğdu, Elif Köm, Furkan Demirtas, Gizem Çetin, Gökçe Demiral, İdil Bayar, İrem Köm, Merve Gül Özokcu, Mihriban Duman, Nilüfer Özbank, Pelin Asa, Serkan Kurt, Sıla Yılmaz, Tarık Keskin


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