Scrap Guide


For whom: University students
With whom: UİOB 14
When: 2017

On Saturday, December 2, 2017, we held a workshop entitled “Scrap Guide” within the scope of UİOB 14 (National Interior Architecture Student Meetings) event hosted by Özyeğin University. It was aimed to investigate the possibilities of reuse of materials scrapped from a house by demolition, transformation, displacement, aging and so on.

We started by searching for answers by asking “What comes out of a house?” with ten interior architecture and architecture students participating in the study. We tried to figure out the process of scrap materials by gathering the responses written in post-its for each question; what, how, why, where, when and who and formed a visual matrix. This matrix, which gave ideas about what might be fictional stories besides real situations, provided a base for the second part of the workshop.

In the second part, the participants were divided into groups and each group produced ideas about the scrap materials and made up stories of these materials. They used A4 layout to represent their ideas and stories on the left side of this layout and the new uses of these materials were represented on the right side of this layout. By combining these, the participants formed a booklet named “Scrap Guide”. This workshop, which allowed us to think about the re-use alternatives of the material, was a work that contributed to the idea of ​​developing models for the use of scrap and waste material on a long-term basis.

We would like to thank the students of Özyeğin University, especially OZUCAD (Özyeğin University Architecture and Design Club) for all the workshop participants and organizers.

Workshop Instructors: Begüm Sarışın, Emre Gündoğdu, Sarper Takkeci, Tarık Keskin

Participants of the workshop: Ezgi Bebek, Fulya Tanyel, Gizem Eren, Helin Elçiçek, İbrahim Yağız Altun, Merve Bird, Muhammed Emin Yılmaz, Sevda Altuntop, Tunahan Baki Tokgöz, Yağmur Morçiçek

You can find the exit guide here.