Urban Furniture


For whom: University students
With whom: Mardin Artuklu University Department of Architecture
When: 2014

The “Urban Furniture” workshop was held in the Faculty of Architecture of Mardin Artuklu University between February 28 and March 2, 2014 with the participation of Sarper Takkeci, Ceren Bek, Elif Çak and Yelta Köm on behalf of Herkes İçin Mimarlık (HiM). First year architecture students were asked to produce ideas using the potentials of the urban areas which are given to them in the workshop.

The workshop continued intensively for two days. On one hand, students made observations about the area while they made architectural productions on the other hand. On the first day of the workshop, HiM made a presentation to the students about the organization. After the presentation, the working areas were distributed to the students in the context of the decisions previously made with the teaching staff. The task was determined as making observations in these areas and than finding solutions to the public problems they discovered. After working in nine areas with three groups, students shared their ideas with each other. At the end of the first day, students were asked to make models and a brief information was given about the geographical contour lines and land model making. The students then made models of their own areas for the next day. Work continued with critics throughout the day. On the morning of the third day, students were asked to make isometric drawings of their models and to represent all the projects in a fanzine.

They made presentations of the fanzines and projects on the last day of the workshop. The “City Furniture” workshop was an intense and productive experience for first year students through continuous critics and instant feedbacks. We would like to thank Mardin Artuklu University Department of Architecture which invited us for the second time this year, enabling us to realize the workshop.