Yarımburgaz Children Workshop #3


For whom: Children living in Yarımburgaz
With whom: Mülteciyim Hemşerim, Yarımburgaz Neighborhood Conservation and Solidarity Association
When: 2017

The third of the workshops that we have realized with Syrian and Turkish children who live in Yarımburgaz, by organisation of Mülteciyim Hemşerim and Yarımburgaz Neighborhood Conservation and Solidarity Association has been completed at 28th of May 2017.

We aimed to encourage children to create their own exploration map through the road in between of  old and new buildings of the association by the workshop that we called as ‘Explore Together’. Also, we proposed to improve their ability on understanding of artificial environment through drawings, to ensure to be owned public space by children, to gain experience of being under control as well as active in the environment.

For the first, we said to children that we would meet in front of the association’s old building. Just before to start to exploration, everybody organized pencils they would use, and also they chose journey friend that they would explore together. After we explained the workshop process in front of the association building, we gave necessary papers and drawing layouts to children. We asked them to separate paper into squares, then we asked to draw on the first squares the things that they saw on the way which is in front of them from the point where they were standing. We stopped on different points through the route, and we emphasized the important points like lake, trees, mosque, road separation. While the children who had experienced the route previously were drawing some different details than we did recognize,every child created unique drawings which emphasize the detail they wanna highlight.

Because of the time passed fast, we decided to end the day with last drawings that we draw while we viewed Küçükçekmece Lake rather than going up to the old building of the association. Then, we went back. We observed on the study we completed by putting all drawings on the association’s walls that children could express their observation and knowledge about environment roughly even if they could not give every details on this short time period. Also, we can say that the all similar and different workshops during all year, which happens without our attendance which are organised by Mülteciyim Hemşerim, encourage children to gain habit to produce something.

Here you can find the photo album of the workshop.

Workshop coordinators: Bihter Çelik, Emre Gündoğdu