What is it ?

Herkes İçin Mimarlık Derneği – HiM (Architecture for All Association), (2011, İstanbul); is a platform where student volunteers and professionals can come together and bring social problems encountered in the country and the world in a creative way to the agenda, raise awareness about these problems and act to produce solutions from the fields of architecture and design.

In urban and rural areas, it wants to contribute the formation of an architecture field, which works for and with society, by encouraging participatory mechanisms that are lacking in the design, planning and construction processes of the projects.

What are its goals ?

• To set examples for an architecture that takes care of community benefit,

• Discussing and producing alternatives in the production of architecture,

• Encouraging architectural actors to take initiative in solving social problems,

• Evaluating the architectural and social potentials that exist in the work field to meet today’s needs.

How does it work ?

• Projects are realized on issues that stand out in the communication channels of the association, which are on the agenda of the country/world or which are transmitted to the association via calls, which fall within the scope of interest of the association, conform to its principles and schedule.

• Participatory processes are established through open calls or invitations in accordance with the requirements of the work, and communication is made with related persons and institutions.

• There is a horizontal relationship based on mutual responsibility between the project managers, members and volunteers involved in the work.

• The administrative, logistic, project and workshop expenses of the volunteer based organization is provided by membership fees, donations and sponsorships.

What does it do ?

• HiM produces structural projects regarding social benefit through re-functionalization, reparation or construction from the scratch with the participation of all parties.

• HiM organizes workshops and events with people from different ages and professions using architectural ideas and tools.

• HiM exhibits her work and research, and broadcasts through media channels.


How can you get involved in the work and how can you support us ?

• You can follow the announcements and apply in order to attend the works.

• You can contact us for any suggestions or work you would like to take on.

• You can support us financially or in-kind so that we can continue our work.

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