City Leftover Workshops | 5th Year Workshops


For whom: Universty students, participants
With whom: Cukurova University Building and Design Club, Okan University Brokoli Student Club, Studio-X Istanbul, Mardin Artuklu University Faculty of Architecture, UMÖB’17, AGU Design Week
When: 2017

We started a workshop series called “City Leftover” in March 2017 as a part of our 5th year events “Invisible”. The workshop “City Lerftover” makes a call to document and analyse urban fragments which are out of function and reach because of various planning and design decisions, temporary or permanent interventions, abandonment and similar reasons. In the workshops, where the students and graduates from different disciplines participate, various subjects such as the definition of the city and the surplus, contemporary urban issues and related representation techniques are discussed with the participation of guest speakers. Various productive works such as documentation of the surplus areas, production of stories and participatory design tools are realized. It’s aimed to gather these productions on an online map to create data in order to understand and discuss the current situation of cities.

The first workshop in Adana on 10-11 March 2017 was held with the participation of Okan University Brokoli Student Club in the hosting of Cukurova University Building and Design Club. Issues such as materialization of production and consumption in Adana, neighborhood transformations, immigration, transportation and infrastructure were discussed in the workshop and productions were brought together in a fanzine as well as a map. The second work following Adana was realized at Studio-X in Istanbul on 18-19 March 2017. In the discussions, fed by the presentation “City and Labor in the Context of Precarity” of the sociologist Elif Demirkaya, the perception of the concept surplus, time and production, surplus value, vitality, sharing, ownership and right to occupation, madness and being out of use came into agenda. The third workshop hosted by the Mardin Artuklu University Faculty of Architecture on April 8-9, 2017 included a speech about the urban waste / residues through the concept of “rest” by Şerif Okta who is a PhD candidate in the same school, while Architect Bahar and İpek Avanoğlu gave a speech on narrative techniques. The main topics in Mardin were the city’s organizational scale, communication facilities, liberation, programmatic constraints and background ecosystem exploitation.

The fourth workshop took place in Samsun on 1-7 August 2017 within the framework of UMÖB’17 (National Architecture Students’ Meeting). As distinct from other workshops, after discussions we thought about how we could design tools to make analysis in the city. Visual productions of each group were gathered in a fanzine. In the fifth workshop held in Kayseri on 19-22 September, 2017 as as a part of AGU Design Week 17, a different experiment was conducted and 1:1 scale installations were produced in order to attract attention and create interaction. The productions of this workshop were put together in a fanzine.

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