Çorum Reading Room For Children


For whom: Students under 14 from Çorum and TEGV Çorum
With whom: TEGV Çorum
When: 2014

As a conclusion of meetings in between of Çorum TEGV education unit and City Public Library, renovation of library reading room that is used by children under 14 is decided. At April 2014, we started to design process of reading room, and renovated reading room opening was held on 12th of June 2014 together with year-end exhibition of Çorum TEGV education unit.

In a 100 sqm room on the second floor of library building, the works of creating elevated stage, renovation of floor cıovering, renovation of furnitures and creation of surfaces by new furnitures have been completed. The elevated stage, which designed by using of  wooden pallets, has been thought as a place where children can read book comfortably, use projection, play and make events. It has been designed with aiming for providing more enjoyable time to children in reading room. Tile carpet has been used as covering of stage and rest of floor. A curtain has been designed to use on separation of stage when it is necessary. Metal grids which had been painted to yellow, has been assembled on the right and left sides of walls and also on middle part of the room to give an opportunity to use for especially exhibitions and also some other functions.

Some seating areas have been organized with furnitures which placed in front of windows right side of entrance, and also with raw chipboard units with cushions on top of them which are free placed on middle part of room. When legs of existing tables have been  lengthened and their surfaces have been renovated by raw chipboard, covering of chairs have been renovated as well. The legs of existing row bookshelves were painted, then they were placed on left and right sides of entrance door.

Implementation of the design which aims to increase of using by making space more attractive for children under 14 age, has been realized by fundings that were found by Çorum TEGV education unit. We as Architecture For All and Çorum TEGV education unit, express thanks to Sait Kömürcü, İzomarket-Nihat Keskin, Şeref Kaya, Asu Berk, Duranlar-Özkan Özbulut, Tanay Kısar, Dalyan Makine, Salih Sarıçimen, Arif Hikmet Kol, Serkan Beyaz, Özlem Kavakçı Taç, Alapala Makine, Arvelektrik-Osman Müftüoğlu, Recep Çelebioğlu, Ömer Akdağ ve Direnç Dalgıç because of the contributions to the project received ‘A Super Idea’ prize as getting first prize in between of TEGV units in 2014.

We would like to express thank all the Çorum TEGV volunteers, especially Serpil Çetin who is the unit manager, for their large hospitality in Çorum and also for their efforts for realization the project.

You can find the booklet of project here.

Here you can fid the photo album of the project.

Project Lead: Alican İnal, Emre Gündoğdu, Merve Gül Özokcu