Did Anyone Asked You?


For whom: City residents
With whom:“Taksim for All” workshop participants and city residents
When: 2012

Did Anyone Asked You?

The prime minister announced the Taksim Project with a big press conference nine months ago. The project is approved by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipal Council seven months ago. Istanbul Second Regional Board for Protection of Cultural Properties approved the project as “plan modification” with a solid vote again. If the process continue in this direction, it’s possible that the bulldozers enter the square next month and a construction for two years will start.

While a major intervention to the most important square of the city is being planned, did anyone asked you, i.e. the real owner of the city, for your opinion?

Herkes İçin Mimarlık (Architecture for All) opens up the new organization of the square to the creative energy: What does Taksim mean for you? How is the Taksim that you imagine? How will the new project affect Taksim? How to provide transparency and participation in this process?

This is our open call to share your ideas about this subject without being limited with ideological and disciplinary boundaries!


Submission format for images:

One image with min.150 dpi and 20cmx15cm (photograph, text, drawing, diagram, slogan etc.)
Name or nickname

Submission format for videos and sound recordings:

Link of the upload site (youtube, vimeo etc.) max. 60 seconds
Name or nickname

Submission deadline: March 23, 2012

Works should be submitted to taksim@herkesicinmimarlik.org with contact information.

It is planned to exhibit the submitted works, print a selection and give it as a gift to the owners of the selected works. It’s also planned to print and distribute the images as postcards.