For whom: University students
With whom: İzmir Institute of Technology TEMA Group
When: 2013

İzmir Institute of Technology TEMA Group and Herkes İçin Mimarlık (HiM) realized a recycling workshop on December 21, 2013. The workshop was held by our member Didem Veryeri in order to demonstrate the awareness of recycling. Participants put forward their ideas on recycling by drawing and models. It was aimed to design objects with the materials obtained from disposal. These objects were planned to be placed in the designated places of IYTE in order to share the recycling culture with everybody.

Objects were designed for designated points in the university campus by using everyday materials. In the process of the workshop, it was revealed that recycling was not limited to the main materials such as paper, plastic and glass, but the secondary use of all kinds of materials was possible. Participants exhibited scrap materials in various scales. Participants in this 4-hour workshop experienced design processes, collective work and idea sharing. Each group presented their designs describing both conceptual and structural recycling of the materials they selected to work.