Metal and Wood Workshops


For whom: HiM members and volunteers
With whom: Bulut Çelik and Sönmez Mobilya
When: 2014

Herkes İçin Mimarlık (HiM) realized the first step of the series of workshops in order to learn about materials processing techniques and to experience their applications on February 15-16, 2014. In this context, a welding and angle grinder workshop was held at Bulut Çelik Company in Istanbul Kurtköy on February 15 and a carpentry workshop was held at Sönmez Mobilya Company in İzmir Çınarlı on February 16 with 10 participants including volunteers and members.

At the welding and angle grinder workshop realized at the facilities of Bulut Çelik Company, information was firstly obtained from the authorities about the tools and materials used in these operations. After focusing on the security precautions that should be taken during these operations, all the workshop participants made applications under the supervision of Hayri Bulut. The in-situ observation and application, together with the possibility of instant communication with craftsmen was an effective learning environment.

In the woodworking workshop in Sönmez Mobilya Company, the aim was to learn techniques and tools for woodworking and furniture production. Detailed information about the methods of assembling was given by the firm owner Yaşar Sönmez on a simple bench, where wooden panels were attached together with screws and other connecting elements. Participants who learned to use compact jigsaw and chipboard cutting tools were informed about safety precautions to be taken. Important points in order to use the bigger machines were highlighted. Yaşar Sönmez also transferred his personal experience about the work.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Bulut Çelik and Sönmez Mobilya, who took care about us and stated that the facilities are open for us to work in the future.

You can find the photo album of the workshops here.

Sönmez Mobilya Bulut Çelik


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