For whom: EcoFest’13
With whom: Bi’Sürü
When: 2013

Within the transformation themed workshop that Bi’Sürü group carried out between 4-9 February 2013, Herkes İçin Mimarlık was in Yıldız Technical University Faculty of Architecture. “Recycling” themed workshop was carried out by HIM members Alican İnal, Bilge Kobaş, Emre Gündoğdu and Sarper Takkeci. First objective of the workshop is to purify recycling notion from clichés and to focus on its process and context. Second aim was to exhibit approaches and designs in several scale groups for “EcoFest’13” which was going to be carried out on 7-8-9 June 2013 in Ulus Aykut Barka Park.

Within its main objective, the workshop started with conversations about transformation. Notions such as sustainability, ecology, organic which are related with each other were studied in detail. For relating “EcoFest’13” and “recycling” knowledge as the second aim of the workshop, members from festival organization team Dost Kip and Serdar Kip participated to workshop as guest and told their stories. They talked about the consciousness of the EcoFest’13 design process and how HIM members and workshop participants can contribute to this design and realization process. Workshop productions were focused on conceptual and structural design interventions for EcoFest’13. These interventions include a diversity of design such as a site plan proposal for festival site, production of a key holder from waste electronic devices.

“Recycling” workshop was important for relations established between EcoFest’13 members, HIM members and workshop participants during these 5 workshop days. All design ideas have long term realization opportunity in EcoFest’13. This realization opportunity only depends on voluntary participant’s initiative.