Scale 1/1 :zefre

Scale 1/1

For whom: Giresun Espiye Gülburnu village fishermen
With whom: University students
When: 2008-2009

Ölçek 1/1 (Scale 1/1) realized its second project in the summer of 2008 in Giresun. After the finalization of the first project, the group members have gone on a research excursion and decided to renovate the fisher shelters in Gülburnu Village, Giresun-Espiye. As in the first project, the subject of the second project was also determined together with local authorities and the public.

The Gülburnu Bay, where the project is going to take place, is a historical bay which was used as a port in Ancient times. The ancient name of the region is Zefre Port. Both the historical importance and the natural beauty of the bay has led to the crossing of the Black Sea Coastal Road with a bridge instead of sea fill as in many other points of the route. The resistance of the villagers against the sea fill has an important effect in the construction of the bridge. Villagers and fishermen, who successfully protected their bay, agreed upon the renovation of the shelters in general. The consultants of the project, which is again designed by the students, were Bogachan Dündaralp and Saitali Köknar.

Within the scope of the project, 13 of the fishermen’s shelters in the bay were demolished and a design with common and individual uses together was planned. While the Municipality and Governorship of Espiye provided various support to the project, the General Directorate of Highways and contractors of the bridge construction in the bay provided the greatest financial and technical support.

The project, which was carried out with local craftsmen, is participated from other universities and departments as in the housing project before. Village people and fishermen also supported the project either by working in person or by meeting the needs of the group.

The project, which included recycling processes such as the use of increased materials from bridge construction site, took longer than the planned construction period of 6 weeks due to factors such as delays in material supply and seasonal conditions. However, in spite of this extension, the students alternately went to the project site, finishing the fishermen’s shelters and handing them to the owners.

Project Consultants:

Boğaçhan Dündaralp, Saitali Köknar

Project Lead:

Hakan Gözlüklü, Ege Özgirin


Hakan Gözlüklü, Ege Özgirin, Emre Gündoğdu, Mihriban Duman, Barlas Atalay, Çağrı Helvacıoğlu, Selin Şentürk, Ali Önalp, Okan Aydoğu, Burak Yardımcı, Tamer Özgür, Betül Alioğlu, Ayça Yontarım, Hakan Kaçmaz, Başak Bakkaloğlu, Ali Güler, Olcay Ekinci, Didem Elvan, Melahat Kaldan, Evren Vural