For whom: University students
With whom: Bademlik Design Fest
When: 2015

We participated in Bademlik Design Fest at Eskişehir Osmangazi University Architecture Faculty, 23-26 April 2015. There were 10 workshops related with their own schedule related with the main theme of the festival ‘stain’. We started the day by discussing the workshop theme with the workshop coordinators, participants and organization team. As Herkes İçin Mimarlık, we started the discussions by questioning ‘what is stain?’. During 3 days workshop, we followed a workshop route by discussing the concept of stain, hunting the daily life stains, collecting the stains in the festival zone and documenting all these stains throughout the workshop. The first day started by observing the stains without categorizing them as positive or negative stains. The discussions approached by permaculture and its three ethics principles argued by the design examples. We made a brainstorm by participants’ daily life stain examples. In the afternoon, we asked to the participants to write under the title ‘My Stained Yesterday’. Through this exercise, each participant identified the stains by others’ eye. As a result of this discussion, we opt that the stains we observed are differentiates through from space to time, from intangible to tangible.

A mapping has been made by the daily stains we discussed. We find out that stains such as communication gap, urban chaos, speed and education are the most faced stains in daily life and the most connected other stains. Second day, we asked the participants to collect stains around Bademlik Campus with their own stain conception. In the afternoon, everyone banded together the stains they have and separated in 3 groups to express them. A blog is created in the first day and used during the workshop  in order to collect images and works. After the second day, the participants went to the city center of Eskişehir and kept on collecting stains. In the afternoon we started to the production. We printed the photos in A4 format and made collage work. During three days the stains we collect, discuss and present turned into utopias by detaching from their space and time realities. As a final product of the workshop we made a fanzin by uniting the utopias of the participants.

Participants: Can Şahin, Yeşim Desticioğlu, Berkant Çil, Aslı Say, Emre Demir, Cansel Akbaş, Zeynep Ceren Durgut, Firdevs Ermiş, Şizen Türkal, Barancan Dağıstan, Berrin Karadağ, Elif Ertuğrul, Sidar Ökdemir, Pelda Kaya, Ceylin Yıldırım, Elif Sabırlı

Workshop Coordinators: Aybike Zengin, Dilara Kara, Yağmur Kutlar, Yuvacan Atmaca


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