TCYOV Headquarters Renewal


For whom: Youth Re-autonomy Foundation of Turkey
With whom: University students
When: 2018

We organized workshops, designed and built projects between March – September 2018 for the headquarter of Youth Re-autonomy Foundation of Turkey (TCYOV) at İstanbul Kadıköy. Children who attend the works of the foundation, foundation employees, university students, volunteers and our members participated in the process, which started with the expedition we made upon the invitation of the foundation at the end of 2017.

TCYOV works to provide preventive impact with guidance and support activities with children who are at risk of being guilty of crime. The foundation also works with children of imprisoned individuals and imprisoned children (up to 2800 children). Turkey Justice System, keeps children in the 12-18 age range under criminal liability. For this reason, TCYOV focuses on children in this age group and their younger siblings, if any. In addition to the “Youth Center” for children, the foundation has an office, dining hall and a multi-purpose hall in their headquarter in Kadıköy.

After the expedition, we decided to have 2 sections, the first part of the renovation started with a design workshop for the exterior facade on March 31 – April 1. During the first day of the workshop, which was held with the participation of 11 people and 5 association members among the respondents to the open call, we received training from foundation staff on the subjects of the foundation’s work, principles, methods and how to communicate with children. In the second half of the day, we divided the groups and developed the first ideas on the building model for the entrance level of the façade of the foundation building. This study provided warm-up to the subject before the next day’s study. On the second day of the workshop, we met the children who came to the foundation, introduced ourselves to them and talked about the works to be done and this time we received their ideas. We kept the previous day’s work with us to give an idea, but we didn’t give the children any guidance with them. The productions of both studies were placed on the drawing and model stands for the entrance floor level and placed on the building model and documented. The ideas such as “writing the initials letters of the foundation on the facade, the door being in vivid colors, colorful geometric forms, the entrance being more vivid, animal-like figures on the façade, clouds on the windows and rainbows”, which were common in these works, were the guiding points in the design works we continued after the workshop.

During the ongoing design process we made several meetings with for study and for feedbacks from the foundation. Then we started the construction works with changing the the window guards at the end of May. We designed the guards in cloud form and thought that it will complete the painting which represent an image from ground to the sky. After the change of guards, on June 3, we carried out painting works at the ground floor level with the design workshop participants, children coming to the foundation, foundation employees and volunteers. We wrote also TCYOV on both sides and drew the birds in the foundation logo with help of mold. Alligator Paint Company, which is the supporter of all productions, also provided paint craftsman support through its distributor Akef Construction and Architecture. After the workshop on 3 June, paint craftsman also painted the door and painted the entire façade with the same top-level color at the ground level.

After the exterior works, we started the second part of the renovation works, which is the interior renewal, with the workshop we had with the children who came to the foundation on 3 June. The workshop started with a questionnaire asking how the children want the interiors to be, and continued with drawings and paintings that reflect their requests through the plan outputs. After this workshop, we made an open call for the design studio again and held a workshop on June 18-22 in the foundation building with 15 participants and 3 member of ours. During the week, the participants were divided into groups and developed ideas through plans and models. In the workshop, ideas were shared and developed through daily presentations and discussions. Employees of the foundation also attended to this workshop with their ideas and answers to the questions of participants. On the second day of the workshop, Ali Berkman from the On | Off Lighting Design office contributed to the process with his presentation on lighting and the exchange of ideas about the building. Here you can examine the four ideas developed at this productive workshop, aimed at revealing different possibilities without highlighting any ideas.

In the following days, we presented the ideas that came out in the workshop to the foundation management and its employees, and made revisions to what could be done. When we realized that we wouldn’t be able to implement all of these ideas with the budget shortage that occurred with the economic fluctuation in the summer months of 2018, we were only able to realize some plan changes, painting and flooring. During the works made by craftsmen in August, the participants also took part in the dismantling and painting works. Apart from the contracted craftsmen, Alligator also provided craftsman and material support. The works completed before the next activity term, but we couldn’t realized the furnitures like library, sitting and storage units.

We would like to thank all TCYOV family for their warm hosting, participants and Alligator Paint Company for their support.

Here you can find the photo album of the workshop.

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