The Board


For whom: Children in Youth Re-autonomy Foundation of Turkey
With whom: Youth Re-autonomy Foundation of Turkey
When: 2013

Youth Re-autonomy Foundation of Turkey is founded to support social reintegration of children entering juvenile justice system because of having been pushed to crime and who are at variance with law. The foundation’s youth centre program is a “prevention” model for young people between age of 12 and 18, who have a pending trial in Istanbul, who have been released and who are under the risk of being involved in a crime. Within this program on Sunday, 6 October 2013 Architecture for All members Emre Gündoğdu, Hazar Arasan, Elif Tan, Begüm Sarışın and Yelta Köm carried out a workshop with accompany of 10 youngsters and 5 volunteers who participated to workshop.

At workshop, students designed a multi-purpose 3D board instead of the notice board which they use in activity room. Corner profiles are used to form the board structure. Profiles were cross linked to form legs and they were immobilized with rope and adhesive tape. Coloured ropes and nets were stretched between legs to create surfaces. Then, the pictures and writings made on paper and fabrics were fastened with latches to ropes.

As a result of the workshop, the 3D board became a portable exhibition space and set an example for future productions which may be made in the foundation building.

Here you can find the photo album of the workshop.